Balasinor Assiociation Of America

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Dear fellow Balasinorians,
On behalf of the Balasinor Association of America, I would like to thank you for your support and participation in all of our 2009 events. A special thank you to all the sponsors for your generous contributions, these donations went a long way towards keeping the events reasonably priced. I also want to use this opportunity to welcome our newest committee member, Samir Gandhi.
Similar to ‘09, we are planning to bring Balasinorians together in our traditional events, so mark your calendars for these upcoming events in 2010!
Date Event Venue  RSVP Date
May 23 Atlantic City Trip Atlantic City, NJ April 23
August 14 Summer Picnic Eisenhower Park, NY July 23
October 16 Diwali Dinner Akbar Restaurant, NY September 17
Details for each of these events are in the enclosed registration forms. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY ASSOCIATION MAILING FOR 2010 so please register as soon as possible and avoid late charges. I must remind everyone for your cooperation with the registration. Late registration fees will be fully mandated at all events, so RSVP ON-TIME.
As in prior years, we will continue two very important programs, the College Scholarship Awards program and the Diwali Dance program. All High school seniors are encouraged to apply for the scholarship and all Children, ages 6 and up are encouraged to perform and demonstrate their cultural talent. For more information and contacts, please visit our website.
Lastly, please continue to register and feedback on our website. We have recently added a new section highlighting special events which our members are participating in. If you would like to add an announcement, please email me at
I look forward to a wonderful year and lots of fun at all of the events planned in 2010.
Subhang Shah



Name Position
Subhang Shah President
Thakor Kadakia Vice President
Alpesh Dharia Secretary
Mitul Parikh Treasurer
Arvin Dharia Committee
Megha Gandhi Committee
Samir Gandhi Committee
Shailesh Kadakia Committee
Shilpa Kadakia Committee
Nilesh Kadakia Committee
Nimisha Shah Committee