Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj

Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj came into existence in the year 1968, mainly for the benefit and progress of the community members. Now in its forty third year of existence, the Samaj is continuously working hard for the cause and objects for which it was established.

The Samaj makes conscious efforts to collect donations from generous community members and uses this fund for the betterment of society by providing funds and relief for education, business and residential purpose. The primary objective is to ensure that relief and financial measures reaches to the majority of the members of the society. This becomes far relevant in present times, when the common man is faced with a plethora of hardships in his daily existence.

The Samaj Started its operations from a small office at Kalbadevi, but with the help of kind hearted donor’s, shifted its office to babu genu road on 24th January 1996. The strength its membership stands to 953 members as on today and this is testimony of the dedicated work rendered by. Subsequently, due to the increasing cost and multiplicity of work, most of trusts were merged into one and the remaining once was converted into “Nyas Funds” under the management of Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj.


Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj makes great efforts in achieving its multi dimensional objectives while giving relief and help to the community members. This is made possible with the help of generous donor’s, whose contribution go a long way in bringing relief to the needy person’s in the society.

The objects of this prestigious financial institution of our community which was established way back in 1968 are multi dimensional and providing relief to the deserving fellow community members in the following areas.

1)   Cash up to Rs.6,000.00 per month / family who are economically not  self sufficient

2)   Education, both Domestic and Overseas

3)   Room Accommodation

4)   Business Promotion

5)   Overseas Medical

6)   Marriage Related

7)   Interest Relief on Home, Education and Medical Loans. 

To fulfill these objects, Samaj raises funds by appealing to the Donors, who are the pillars of our society and distributes the income earned out of such generous donations for the welfare of the deserving section of our society with a motto to uplift their standard of living.


(A)POVERTY RELIEF: Under the Giripooja Kokilaben Pravinchandra Bin Chunilal Kadakia (Vallabhghela) Aarthik Rahat Yojna the Samaj gives relief to the under privileged members of the society and thereby help them to sustain their requirements. This year 32 families were given relief amounting to Rs.10, 03,900.00. Considering the recurring demand, inflation and increase in the cost  of living, the Managing Committee  have increased the relief slabs for the year 2010-2011 and onwards which are as follows.


Family of

Old Slab

New Slab

One  member    family



Two members   family



Three members family



Four members  family



Five members   family




(B)EDUCATION RELIEF:Under the Smt. Lilaben Babulal Desai Education Rahat Yojanathe Samaj gives monthly relief of Rs. 100/- to students studying up to 10th standard and Rs. 150/- to students studying in colleges. An amount of   Rs. 1, 76,755/- was given away under the scheme.

(C)ROOM RAHAT YOJNA:Under the Smt. Shantaben Mohanlal Shah (Chakwa) Room Rahat Yojanathe Samaj offers relief in interest on loans taken for residential purposes. An amount of Rs, 13, 469/- was distributed to 3 families.

(D)OVERSEAS MEDICLAIM YOJNA:Under the Smt. Kalpanaben Arvindbhai Dharia (Kuniwala) Overseas Mediclaim Yojanathe Samaj gives 100% relief on overseas Mediclaim to the students going abroad for higher education. Students are availing relief under this scheme.

(E)RECURRING YOJANA:Under the Smt. Pratimaben Arvindbhai Parikh Recurring Yojanathe Samaj deposits an equal amount against deposits made by parents for their children of below 21 years of age. Children can utilize the accumulated amount for higher studies or business in future. 18 members availed Rs.21, 600/- under this scheme.

(F)INTEREST RELIEF SCHEME 2009:This new Scheme was introduced in the current financial year 2009-2010. Shri Pramod Dharia (Lalkha), Secunderabad and his family members offered to donate a sum of Rs.7.50 lakhs on the occasion of his daughter’s marriage. Accordingly, the scheme was named after the name of the donor and henceforth the   scheme will be called as   Shri Pramod Muljibhai Dharia (Lalkha) Interest Relief Scheme 2009.Under this scheme the Samaj offers relief in Interest for the loans obtained for Home, Medical and Education purposes. The salient features of the scheme were announced to our community members through Jyoti Punj. The Managing Committee expects goods response for the scheme in the near future.

(G)Under this scheme the Samaj offers relief in Interest for the loans obtained for Home, Medical and Education purposes. The salient features of the scheme were announced to our community members through Jyoti Punj. The Managing Committee expects goods response for the scheme in the near future.

Managing Committee is happy to announce that Shri Nitin Natverlal Desai (Nagar) spontaneously came forward and offered to donate a sum of Rs. 7.5 lakhs in   memory of his late aunt and the scheme will now be called as Smt. Shantaben Hiralal Chhotalal Shah (Gheewala) Higher Education Relief Scheme.

Samaj has offered a sum of Rs. 65, 000/- during the year under this scheme and is expecting to help more deserving students to get relief for their higher education purposes. This additional relief is extended after the help given by Shree Vadasinor Vidyottejak Mandal.

(H)AAROGYADHAM YOJNA: Under the Smt. Manjulaben Navnitlal Bhikhalal Parikh (Bakhli) Sanatorium,Samaj offers its 8 Blocks at Yoginagar, Borivali. Under the Smt. Chandanben Manilal Lalchand Doshi Athithigruh Scheme,Samaj offers its room at Kumar Vilas, Mangalwadi, and Mumbai. Under the Smt. Kamlaben Manilal Parikh and Shri Manilal Gordhandas Parikh (Dadhiwala) Athithigruh Scheme, Samaj offers its room at Hirabaug, C.P. Tank and one house at Balasinor.

Due to the continuation of ongoing redevelopment process in the city, there is heavy demand of accommodation for these flats and rooms owned by the Samaj. Altogether 12 families have utilized these facilities. This year with the personal efforts of the Convener, Shri Minish Kadakia (Latkari) and his co-members, we have undertaken the repairing and renovation work for all 8 Blocks at Yoginagar, Borivali. The Samaj have spent about Rs 7 lakhs after the repairs of 8 blocks. We are pleased to announce that the entire work has been completed by July 2010 which is much ahead of our expectation.

(I)BUSINESS PROMOTION YOJNA: Under this scheme the Samaj offers relief in interest on business loans to all those members who have borrowed money for expansion or setting up of new businesses. The Samaj has invited a Donor for this scheme at Rs. 11, 00,000/- and is hopeful of meeting success soon.

(J)JOB OPPORTUNITIES SCHEME: The Samaj has launched a scheme to provide job opportunities to the deserving sections of the society and has based a fixed amount of Rs.11, 00,000.00 for the same. The Managing Committee is hopeful of getting a donor soon.

The Managing Committee is very hopeful and confident for coming years and takes this opportunity to thank all the donors, seniors, members for their whole hearted support during the year.

(K)MARRIAGE BEAUREAU COMMITTEE: Under this committee, Samaj offers opportunity to young unmarried boys and girls to come together on a common platform interact and choose their life partner. This year approximately 150 applications were received with their respective Bio-data from the candidates. After scrutinizing the same, a get together (Seminar) was arranged at Samaj office on 21st March 2010. Totally 46 candidates and their parents attended the seminar. For those Boys and Girls wanted to interact were provided with the opportunity of One to One meeting. Also Bio Data List was circulated among participants for further communication. Success rate is quite interesting. This year six candidates among the list got their match and were engaged during and after the seminar.

(L)PROGRAM AND EVENT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: This new Sub Committee was formed in the current year 2009-2010. The President of Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj, Shri Pankaj Dharia (Lalkha) was assigned the Convener ship of the said committee.

The main object of the committee was to create a platform for the Youth andTalents of our society, bring them together and share their achievements, expertise, and knowledge for the fellow community members of our society. During  the year Two Events were arranged, the first on Tuesday, 5th January 2010 and second on Sunday, 4th July 2010.The Chief Guest and Hon. Speakers of the events were Shri Rashesh Shah (Nagarsheth),CEO & MD of  M/s. Edelweiss Capital Ltd. and Shri Nikhil Desai (Dedki),CEO  & Director  of  The Centre for Excellence, respectively.

Shri Shah delivered his thoughts on OUTLOOK FOR AND OPPORTUNITIES IN THE INDIAN ECONOMY whereas Shri Desai shared his knowledge on TIME AND STRESS MANAGEMENT. Shri Rajnikant Manilal Shah (Nagarsheth) and Smt Manjulaben Rajnikant Shah (Nagarsheth) were the sponsors for the events.

The committee started a new trend in the history of Balasinor and was appreciated by the entire community members for making innovative in the area.

(M)BHANDOL COMMITTEE: Under the Convener ship of Shri Vrajesh Desai, the members approach to our donors on various occasion, particularly on marriage time. The donations announced are diverted to various institutions of our community and as per the wish of the donor. The Samaj is proud to take the lead in this particular area as all our institutions are benefitted with the efforts of this committee and thereby helping to the deserving members of our society.

(N)LEGAL & STATUTORY COMMITTEE: The work related to Charity Commissioner, Income Tax or any other legal matter is looked after by the members of this committee. This year we have arranged several meetings with Shri P.M. Dharia, C.A. for getting 80G Certificate for the Samaj. Necessary documents are already submitted to the I.T. Department through the office of Shri P.M. Dharia. We are hopeful of obtaining 80G in near future.

(O)OVERSEAS DONATIONS:As announced in the last year Annual Report, the Samaj has already got the permission from the Ministry of Home Department, Govt. of India to collect foreign donation. Our FCNR account with Axis Bankis in operation in the name Shri Balasinor Pragati Mandal.

This year our President, Shri Pankaj Dharia and Hon. Secretary, Shri Daxesh Kadakia have put efforts and taken initiative. Our members residing in foreign countries, particularly in the USA, have been approached by an individual appeal. The Samaj is expecting an affirmative response.



The Managing Committee of Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj places on record its  appreciation of :

a) The Staff members for their involvement, dedication to duty and team spirit at all levels.

b) M/s. I.O.Dharia & Company, Chartered Accountants, for rendering their valuable services of Auditing, providing very useful information’s on Accounts, Taxation and other I.T. related matters.

c) Shri Pravinchandra M. Dharia (C.A.), Shri Vasant S. Parikh (Advocate), Shri Jaswant K. Parikh (Advocate and Notary), Shri Satish B. Parikh (Advocate), Shri Rajeev N. Shah (C.A.), Shri Jayesh L. Gandhi (C.A.) for giving guidance on legal matters and  advising on the working of  Trusts managed by Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj.

d) Shri Jayesh P. Mody for looking after the affairs of flats at Yoginagar, Borivali.

e) Shri Pravinchandra V. Dharia (Lalkha) for looking after and helping in managing of room at Hira Building, Mumbai.

f) Smt. Nutan P. Gandhi for looking after the management of the room at Mangalwadi, Mumbai.

g) Shri Manikant C Kadakia for rendering his services and looking after the building at Balasinor.

h) Shri Balasinor Navyuvak Sangh for printing the news and matters in their monthly magazine JYOTIPUNJ.

i) The respected, experienced, elderly personalities of our community / society and all those active members of Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj who have, directly or indirectly, contributed to the success and growth of the Samaj.

j) All Friends who have gathered here in the 42nd A.G.M. for their active participation, guidance and devoting their valuable time and giving useful suggestions.

k) M/s. Krishna Creation in getting the speedy printing of the Annual Booklet and extending their co-operation on all occasion of printing of Samaj work at reasonable rates.

l) And finally, last but not the least, the pillars of Shree Balasinor Pragati Samaj and its 25 trusts, namely the DONORS, without whom it is practically impossible to achieve the goal of serving and helping the deserving people of our society.

The Managing Committee acknowledge their valuable contributions /donations and hope the trend they have started will never be ending and it will be an everlasting inspiration to the new generation of our society. Managing Committee expects the continuous support in getting generous donations from them to uplift the deserving fellow brothers of our society.

The Managing Committee hopes to be excused for any inadvertent omission, lapse or mistake.

The B.P.S. manages a numbers of charitable trusts which have enabled it to carry out its various social as well financial activities. The list of the Charitable Trust managed by us are:-


Name of the Trust & Funds

1) Shri Koderlal Maganlal Mody ( Kapadia )

Rs. 17,46,710

2) Smt. Maniben M. Mody (Dev )

 Rs. 4,30,047

3) Shri. Kantilal C. Kadakia ( Dhariwala )

  Rs. 2,54,231

4) Smt. Kundanben K. Kadakia (Dhariwala)

Rs. 3,65,163

5) Shri Ramanlal C. Mody ( Bhathi )

Rs. 2,62,210

6) Smt. Taraben M. Mody ( M. C. Mody )

Rs. 2,10,379

7) Smt. Maniben K. Mody ( Kapadia )

Rs. 3,40,117

8) Shri Kantilal L. Kadakia

Rs. 3,63,760

9) Smt. Girjaben M Doshi

Rs. 4,42,680

10) Smt. Induben R. Dharia ( Dalal )

Rs. 2,74,181

11) Shri Navnitlal O. Desai ( Dedki )

Rs. 2,74,753

12) Smt. Induben M. Mody ( Bhathi )

Rs. 2,61,325

13) Shri Miktamani Greens Vallabhghela

Rs. 2,85,880

14) Shri Ramanlal A. Kadakia ( Tokersi )

Rs. 2,79,123

15) Shri Satishbhai M. Mody

Rs. 3,24,196


16) Smt. Urmiben V. Mehta ( Dhariwala )

Rs. 2,67,026

17) Shri Natverlal O. Desai ( Dedki )

Rs. 2,82,770

18) Smt. Ushaben S. Dharia ( Suvidha Book )

Rs. 2,66,891


19) Smt. Chandrikaben A. Kadakia ( Banda )


20) Smt. Leelaben P. Kacheria



21) Smt. Manjulaben J. Dharia


22) Smt. Madhukanta R. Mody


23) Smt. Pushpaben N. Kadakia ( Dhanghela )


24) Smt. Pramilaben C.Shah (Hathikhanawala)



Managing Committee 2010-2011

Name Position Contact

Shri Pankaj Kantilal Dharia (Lalkha)

Hon’ble President


Shri Nitin Pravinchandra Gandhi

Hon’ble V-President


Shri Nimish Manherlal Kadakia (Malam)

Hon. Secretary


Shri Daxesh Babulal Kadakia (Latkari)

Hon. Secretary


Shri Rajendra Kirtanlal Desai (Latwala)

Hon. Treasurer


Shri Paresh Rasiklal Parikh (Dudhwala)

Hon. Treasurer


Shri Kaushik Kantilal Kadakia

Invitee (Ex-President)


Shri Vrajesh Navnitlal Desai

Invitee (Ex-President)


Shri Yogesh Ramniklal Dharia

Invitee (Ex-President)


Shri Jatin Navnitlal Desai



Shri Minish Babulal Kadakia (Latkari)



Shri Pradip Pravinchandra Kadakia



Shri Shailesh Natverlal Kadakia



Shri Bhavesh Bipinchandra Mody



Shri Saumil Jitendra Mody



Shri Urvish Rasiklal Mody (Dev)



Shri Nikhil Babulal Parikh (Lhay)



Shri Rajul Mohanlal Parikh (Lhay)



Shri Bipin Kantilal Desai

Co-opt Member


Shri Nitin Jayantilal Parikh (Bakhli)

Co-opt Member



Name of Convener's & Various Sub Committee

Name Position Contact

Shri Urvish Rasiklal Mody (Dev)

Aarthik Rahat Yojana


Shri Minish Babulal Kadakia (Latkari)



Shri Vrajesh Navnitlal Desai

Bhandol/Fund Raising


Shri Sangita Nikhil Parikh (Lhay)

Marriage Bureau


Shri Rajul Mohanlal Parikh (Lhay)

Members Related


Shri Jatin Navnitlal Desai

Statutory & Legal


Shri Pankaj Kantilal Dharia (Lalkha)

Progr. & Event Manag.


Shri Nimish Manherlal Kadakia (Malam)

Interest relief Scheme