Shree Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas Hospital Trust


Kacheria Mojilal Gordhandas General Hospital or K.M.G Hospital, as it is popularly known, is the modern day hospital with a capacity of over hundred  beds, Based in Balasinor Taluka on Kheda Disrict in Gujarat, it is operational for over sixty years now and is regarded as a modern day entity with the latest medical facilities and equipments. This has been possible mainly for the Lion hearted support of donors along with dedicated workers, both at Balasinor as well as Mumbai.

The effort has been to provide good medical services to the people in and around Balasinor. For this the local team of dedicated workers has joined hands with the enterprising and selfless services of those in Mumbai. Collectively they have succeeded in enrolling the services of doctors from neighboring areas.

For the past sixty years have toiled hard to run this  institution. But now things are becoming more and more difficult. The rising costs of equipments, coupled with falling interest rates have made in difficult to make ends meet. The rising salary levels have made in more difficult to get quality Doctors.

This has not deterred us. There has been a conscious effort to overcome the problems by enterprising solutions. There have been numerous schemes and fund raising drives. We are proud to state that we have met grand success in achieving most of our targets. There are shortages as the Government grants are never sufficient.

It has been difficult journey in the past and the future holds more challenges. We have achieved considerably, but there are miles to go before we can rest on our laurels.  It is our duty to pay back our gratitude to society. Nothing can be more satisfying than providing relief and cure to the needy.

We can meet the challenges, provided you are with us. We earnestly request you to come forward and donate generously to a noble cause. We have a target to set up a corpus of around five crores. The interest accrued will help us to overcome the shortages come, join hands with us.

Donate Generously,


K. M. G. General Hospital


Members:- Kartik Kadakia (Treasurer) - / Rajendra Desai (Secretary) -


Board Members



Name Address Contact No.
President Shah Navinchandra Chimanlal 4/20,Su Prabhat
76, Warden Road
Mumbai-400 026
Vice President Parikh Vasant Shanti  lal 7/14, Sudama
214, Walkeshwar Rd.
Mumbai-400 006
Hon. Secretary Sheth Dhirubhai Ramanlal Lupochem Pharma
Chikhak house 1 flr.
453/457,Kalbadevi Rd.
Mumbai-400 002
Hon. Secretary Desai Rajendra Kirtanlal Quick Ind.Sup.P.Ltd
59, Babugenu Road
Shop 1/1A
Mumbai-400 002
Hon. Treasurer Kadakia Kartikey Rasiklal Indian Ind. Corporation
17, Picket X Lane
Mumbai-400 002
Donor Trustee Desai Pravinchandra Ochhavlal Jyoti Textile Traders
9,Ali Chambers
Tamerind Lane, Fort
Mumbai-400 001
  Desai Vrajesh Navnitlal C/O Eagle Sales Corp.
95,Tavawala Building
147,Lohar Chawl
Mumbai-400 002
  Dharia Yogesh Ramniklal Crescent Electricals
4,Botawala Bldg.
475,Kalbadevi Road
Mumbai-400 002
  Dharia Nishit Rasiklal (Dalal) C/O Sentinel Electric Co
Laywers Chambers,24 R.C
Mama Path,Lohar Chawl
Mumbai-400 002
  Gandhi Nitin Pravinchandra B.G Enterprise
6/4,Ismail Building,18 flr
33,Pathakwadi,Lohar Chawl,Mumbai-400 002
  Gandhi Virendra Kanchanlal India Electrical Traders
151,Princess Bhabha Bldg
Mumbai-400 002
  Kadakia Ajit Navnitlal Friends Paper Stores
299,Abdul Rehman Str.
Mumbai-400 003
  Kadakia Mahesh Chimanlal Popular Switchgears P.Ld.
7/712,Arun Chambers
Tardeo Main Road
Mumbai-400 034
  Kadakia Manikant Chhotalal Gandhi & Co.
Balasinor-388 255
  Kadakia Mayank Rajnikant (Tinubhai) Main Bazar
Balasinor-388 255
  Kadakia Sudhir Mohanlal R.Mohanlal & Co
38,Bibijan Street
Mumbai-400 003
  Kadakia Minish Babulal Kadakia Enterprise
68/70,Nagdevi St.1st Flr.
Mumbai-400 003
  Mody Surendra Ramanlal Surendra Trading Co
129,Narayan Dhuru Str.
Mumbai-400 003
  Patel Chandrakant Motilal Dist:Kheda
Balasinor-388 255
  Parikh Navinchandra Muljibhai (Bakhli) O/S Sariyavali Darwaja
Balasinor-388 255
  Parikh Mohanlal Chunilal Willgreen Comm.Corp.
6,Khokha Bazar
Mumbai-400 003
  Parikh Natverlal Chandulal C-15,Utkarsh
Sicka Nagar,V.P Road
Mumbai-400 004
  Parikh Pravinchandra Lallubhai Parikh & Bros.
20/A,Picket X Lane,Lohar
Chawl,Mumbai-400 002
  Parikh Rasiklal Manilal (Lakdawala) 704,Shirin Apartment
Tardeo Road
Mumbai-400 007
  Parikh Nitin Jayantilal (Bakhli) United Industrial Agency
60,Abdul Rehman Street
Mumbai-400 003
  Parikh Paresh Rasiklal (Dudhwala) Freinds Paper Stores
299,Abdul Rehman Street
Mumbai-400 003
  Kadakia Nimish Manherlal (Malam) Nimish Book Depot
307,Abdul Rehman Street
Mumbai-400 003
  Shah Rajnikant Ochhavlal Mandir Sheri,Gandhi Chow
Balasinor-388 255
  Shah Rameshchandra Chimanlal (Hathikhanawala) Shah Commercial Corp.
58,Mangaldas Rd,Lohar
Chawl.Mumbai-400 002
Advisor I Dharia Pravinchandra Muljibhai A-34,Navyug Nivas,4 flr
Lamington Road
Mumbai-400 007
Advisor II Dr. Gandhi Shishir P. Ashwini Medical Centre
Nr.Kalpana Talkies
Off: Bhalej Rd.Anand
Advisor III Mody Bipinchandra O.       Dhariyawad
Balasinor-388 255