Shree Vadasinor Dasanima Navyuvak Mandal / Medical Trust

Shree Vadasinor Dasanima Navyuvak Mandal

Estd in 1929 a organisation having its main aim to give help to needy people by way of giving Charity for the cause of food grains and also by giving Charity without any Componsation for the cause of marrige.Now we call it as a NAVYUVAK MANDAL is basically giving help to the Balasinorian staying in any part of india or in the town of balasinor but those who are by religious dasanima vaniya.Every year the trust from its accumlated trust income gives away appr.3.5 to 4 lacs rupees for food grains to appr 55 to 65 familys,and appr 75000 for the cause of marrige .The needy people name and its income are not known to anybody except the office bearer of the said committe.
Navyuvak Mandal at present having 7 subordinate trusts.      
 Shree Vadasinor Dasanima Navyuvak Mandal Medical Trust
Estd in 1980 ,the trust was established during the Hon.Lady Indirabetiji's Bhagvat Saptah.The charity started during this saptah and its main aim is to give relife in the medical expenses to the dasanima vaniya. The Medical trust having its Office at mehta house , 2nd Floor, Opp Bhavan's College , Chowpatty. This office which also a medical & diagonestic centre was opened by the late Primeminister Shri Morarji Desai. This diagnostic centre is having 2 Depatments, one Pathology and other is Consultancy. Every year appr 4000 cases are registered in the pathology dept. All the reports are given with Computerised investgation with very economical rates in each of the faculty.
The Hon.Doctors from our community and Hon. Doctors from other community gives there services to this centre.
The trust is having a free bad service even in the reputed Sir Harkishandas Narotammdas Hospital. This trust is also run by the charities received from the donors and accumulated intrest is given away by way of relief in medical chechups, operations and hospitalization of the patients.